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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I rotate, move or change the size of objects?
You can select an object to make it active. When an object is active some small black squares appear around the object. You can move the object by dragging it. You can use the small squares on the edges of the object to scale it. Use the square above the object to rotate it.
How can I change the background of my poster?
Click Canvas, then Background. You can set a single color as background, choose one of the backgrounds we offer or you can choose your own background image.
How can I start a new poster?
You can start a new poster and clear the previous one by using File, then New poster.
How can I select multiple objects and perform actions on the selection?
By selecting an area on your poster, you can select multiple objects. You can move and/or rotate that selection. Holding [SHIFT] while clicking objects also results in a group.
How can I copy an object?
You can copy an object by selecting it, then click the clone icon beneath the object. [CTRL]-C works as well.
How can I skew objects or created slanted objects?
You can skew an object by keeping the Shift button pressed and then move the small aquares in the middle of the edge of the object.
How can I use multiple colors in one text object?
In the text dialogue you can set a color per letter or sequence of letters. Select the letters you want to change the color for and use the color picker to select a color.


You can use the following keyboard shortcuts.

◄ ▲ ▼ ► Move object B [SHIFT]-B Send backwards / Send to back [CTRL]-Z Undo
[CTRL] ◄ ► Rotate object F [SHIFT]-F Bring forward / Bring to front [CTRL]-Y Redo
[CTRL]-C Clone object [SHIFT]-click objects Create or extend a group [CTRL]-S Download poster (JPG/PNG)
Delete Delete object [CTRL]-G Group selected objects [CTRL]-P Print poster
Esc Clear selection [CTRL]-[SHIFT]-G Ungroup selected group

Touch devices

How can I move objects on a touch screen?
If you select an object with 1 finger you can drag (move) the object. If you select an object with 2 fingers you can scale and rotate it.